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The Kingdom of God in Matthew Five (2)

Mike Bonner

A s we continue our thoughts from last week, we want to focus on these kingdom passages. Blessed are they that hunger… those who are famished and need to be fed, those are the ones who go to Jesus was their spiritual nourishment. Jesus said, "He that comes to Me, shall never hunger" (John 6.35). The question is this, what are we hungering for? What are thirsting after? What is our soul longing for, that it may be refreshed? Jesus, told the woman at the well, "whosoever drinks of the water I shall give, will never thirst" (John 4.14). Jesus tells those on the mount, to long to be fed and refreshed for righteousness. Not the righteousness of the Pharisees and scribes, but that which belong to Christ. For this reason, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you (Matt. 6.33ff).

U nfortunately, many aren't hungering and thirsting after such. Many aren't attempting to go to God for justification at all. Many have established their own righteousness (Rom. 10.1ff). Some are refusing baptism, which is God's source of justification (Titus 3.4-5). When it comes to modesty, many aren't going to the word to see if they're adorning themselves with the attire of holiness (1 Tim. 2.9- 10). Friends, we have to hunger and thirst for these things, we just have too. We have to be a people who seek the best interest of others (1 Cor. 13.1ff). We have to understand the spiritual responsibility we have to be faithful till death (Rev. 2.10-11). Are we hungering and thirsting after righteousness? Only then will we be filled to the full of what we're hungering and thirsting after, that's RIGHTEOUSNESS.

O ne of the blessed that captivates the author's attention is being merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. This passage is powerful in and of itself, for this is about showing compassion, because we ourselves have been shown. God

saves us by His mercy (Tit. 3.5). Jesus became a human, that He might be a merciful and faithful high priest (Heb. 2.17). He came to help mankind out of his affliction, because of sin. The Gentile world obtained mercy from God on account of the Jews not being faithful in belief (Rom. 11.30-32). Therefore, we praise God for the Lord, who is our mercyseat (Rom. 3.25). God is good! Shouldn't we go out and tell those whom we love about the mercy we received from God? (2 Cor. 4.1). Yes, we should and we shouldn't hesitate to extend it to those who have been taken captive by Satan to do his will (2 Tim. 2.25-26).

F inally, let's introduce one more and we will finish it next week. Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God. Consider this beautiful passage, friends. They shall see God. God is invisible (Col. 1.15). God is Light and Love (1 John 1.5; 4.8). God is fire (Heb. 12.29). Many other attributes can be enumerated, but this will suffice for the article. It's impossible to see God, if the first part of this verse is not taken into consideration. The pure in heart is key to this text. The pure heart is cleansed by fire, figuratively of course, to be free from corruption, to be free from what is false and guilt, to be innocent or blameless. In essence, our soul, will and mind, must be genuine in understanding, free from falsehood, with its view on that which is single in purpose (Matt. 6.22-23). Our eyes of understanding must be enlightened by the gospel, which will govern our outlook on life and guides our path in the ways of righteousness (Eph. 1.18).

Let's continue to see the beauty of Matthew five as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling. Remember, if God is for us, who can be against us. Let's do what we can to add to our faith and lay hold on eternal life. God bless and may you seek the Lord with all your heart today.

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