Our Roots

How We Began

In view of the foregoing scriptures(see About Us), it is evident that the church of our Lord had its beginning in the 1st century, that it was established by our Lord, and had great purpose. It continues till present day under the headship of our Lord. The 9th & Main church of Christ looks to the scriptures for guidance in all matters spiritual.

This congregation of God's people had its beginning when a few brethern met in a rented building on North Chadbourne Street on July 20, 1952. There were 47 members in that first group, and for a while the men of the congregation took turns with the preaching.

In 1953, the first building at the present location was completed. Growth demanded that more room be provided and in 1957 the present auditorium and classroom portion of the building were completed. Ten years later, in 1967, a remodeling program was begun and finished. Again in 1992 the auditorium was completely remodeled: a rather major undertaking, but one that we are greatly pleased with. In 2008 a pipe froze and burst and severe water damage prompted a complete remodeling program that resulted in a beautiful new set of classrooms and a new fellowship hall and warming kitchen.

The congregation has been active in mission work and benevolence from the beginning. Contributions have been made to many mission endeavors throughout the years. We continue to help in the support of Glynn & Ann Langston as they work in behalf of the blind - a work that we have been involved in for more than twenty-five years.

Among the preachers who have served at 9th & Main are: Wallace Riffle, Bomer Gist, Silas Triplett, Herman Beauchamp, Dennis Kellogg, Mickey Walker, Don Hindsley, Sam Collins, Leroy Sedgwick, John Hobbs, Kris Groda, Clyde Freeman, Josh Romo, and presently Mike Bonner.

At this time our Elders are Mike Bonner, Don Cheek, Dennis Reed and Royce Williamson. Our Deacons are Bryan Braswell, Rafael Ramirez, Chad Schaertl, Randy Scott, Bobby Ventura and Jerry Williams. Some of the others who have served in this capacity in the past are: Herman Beauchamp, Dudley Bledsoe, Ed Gray, Alton Lee, E. D. LeBleu, Pat Munn, Noel Shaw, John Spruel, Silas Triplett, M. N. Williams, M. D. McMurray, Jack Peace, Ed Roper, Nath Ray, Leroy Sedgwick, John Mayfield, Benny Rogers, Frank Hale, Clyde Freeman, George Hooper and others.